CHANGING The Industry

We created this company to change the industry. We feel as though we’ve really been able to accomplish that. We have been able to change lives all around the world through our products.

With all that is going on, many are out of work. A Plan B is becoming almost essential now! We are grateful to offer a product that can change lives while producing secondary income.


The Power of Optimism

No matter how bad things get, we always have the opportunity to choose how we view things. In Victor Frankl’s book, he recounted his horrific experiences during the Holocaust and emphasized how important maintaining a positive attitude is.


The Story of THE MAN WHO STARTED Honda

A hardworking man came up with a design that changed the world many years ago. People scoffed at him and ridiculed his ideas almost daily. Despite this, he believed that what he had was revolutionary- and it was. He later founded Honda. He endured many struggles in building his company. His first factory burned down. His second factory was destroyed in an earthquake. Many would have given up if they were in his shoes. However, he kept pressing on and built one of the greatest companies in the auto industry that is still standing today.

The story of Adapt is quite similar. Dr. Don has dedicated several years of his lifetime to improving and perfecting Adapt’s formula. Initially, the product required taking 26 double ought capsules per day to attain optimal effects. Today, we simply spray a few sprays in our mouth to achieve even better effects. This product has the power to change the lives of millions during a time when the world has never needed health products that WORK more than ever.



New Slide Decks– Last week we launched a new official company slide deck and a new video domestically. We loved your feedback! We will have European versions done shortly. 

Cruise Temporarily Postponed– The cruise has been temporarily suspended. Don’t worry! We will announce a new solution shortly. 



New Resource Site– This week we are also launching our brand new resource site. We hope this site is a helpful tool to help you share the product. 

The Arego Connect App– We have updated the app so that you can now create groups with anyone! We believe team communication is critical, so make sure to get your new people on the app. This will allow them to receive your notifications and stay in the know with all that’s going on.