New Leadership

We are very excited to announce that we will be bringing on a new member of our corporate leadership team. We have a ton of confidence in him and we are excited to introduce you to him very soon! We will do a leadership call by invitation this week to begin introducing him. Next week, we will introduce him to everyone on our weekly update call.


We have officially relaunched Auera for all markets. Get your order in today!

New Site Launch

We will be launching our new site for EU partners this week. We will soon revamp our back office next. Other sites will be available to market specific products.

Taxes and Euros at Checkout

Within the next week, taxes will be showing correctly for EU partners. We will also have the price displaying correctly in Euros once this is complete.

Marketing Materials 

We are releasing new marketing materials daily on our EU Facebook group. These materials are compliant and totally okay for you to share! 

Customer Support

We have developed a much more systematized approach to responding to emails and calls. If you ever experience any issues with our customer support team, please do not hesitate to reach out to to report these issues!