27.04.20 EU Partner Update-Anruf

EU Seite Aktiv 

Die neue EU Seite ist aktiv! Wenn man die Seite in Europa aufruft, wird man an myaregolife.eu umgeleitet.  

Bitte merken Sie, dass Ihre replizierte Seite immer noch funktioniert. Tippen Sie einfach (Ihr Nutzername).myaregolife.eu ein. 



Als Partner bei Arego, ist es wichtig die Geschäftsbedingungen zu achten. Legal müssen wir den Geschäftsbedingungen folgen, um starke, vertrauende Beziehungen zu unseren Partnern zu haben. Bitte sehen Sie die Geschäftsbedingungen nochmals durch, um sicherzustellen, dass Sie konform sind.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir eine amerikanische Firma sind. Wir operieren nicht als eine deutsche GmbH. Deswegen müssen alle Produkte direkt von Arego Life verkauft werden. Die Produkte unabhängig von Arego Life stößt gegen unsere Geschäftsbedingungen. 


Auera ist wieder da!

Wir liefern das Produkt vor dem Ende der Woche aus. Wir senden auch Informationen der Vermarktung von Auera dabei aus. 


Neuer Corporate Leiter

Wir haben einen neuen Leiter von Arego Life in Europa. Er ist Wissenschaftler, Lehrer und Geschäftsmann. Er versteht alle Aspekten unseres Geschäfts und wir sind in seinen Führungsfähigkeiten zuversichtlich. Er ist schon seit 2019 bei Arego und versteht unser Geschäft und unsere Konzepte. 

Er hat früher als Marketing Partner gearbeitet aber ist vorübergehend von seiner Position zurückgetreten, um seine neue Corporate Position auf sich zu nehmen. Sein Ziel ist Arego in Europa zu verbreiten und auch in Südafrika. 

4/21/20 Corporate Update Call

New Leadership

We are very excited to announce that we will be bringing on a new member of our corporate leadership team. We have a ton of confidence in him and we are excited to introduce you to him very soon! We will do a leadership call by invitation this week to begin introducing him. Next week, we will introduce him to everyone on our weekly update call.


We have officially relaunched Auera for all markets. Get your order in today!

New Site Launch

We will be launching our new site for EU partners this week. We will soon revamp our back office next. Other sites will be available to market specific products.

Taxes and Euros at Checkout

Within the next week, taxes will be showing correctly for EU partners. We will also have the price displaying correctly in Euros once this is complete.

Marketing Materials 

We are releasing new marketing materials daily on our EU Facebook group. These materials are compliant and totally okay for you to share! 

Customer Support

We have developed a much more systematized approach to responding to emails and calls. If you ever experience any issues with our customer support team, please do not hesitate to reach out to jed@aregolife.com to report these issues!


3/30/20 Corporate Update Call

Updated Branding

We also sent out some branding definitions to help our Partners better understand the lingo that we will use in our materials and on our calls. We are in the process of creating a global program.


Extending The Cruise Qualification

The cruise qualification is extended until the end of June 2020. Help other members of your team qualify to get on the boat with you! We will announce the new cruise dates as soon as possible to insure that you have enough time to plan and make arrangements for the trip.


Releasing New Tools

We are currently releasing several new tools for you to use. This past week, we released several new videos and marketing pieces. You can find them here, on aregoresources.com.


Let’s Help!

Remember, no matter what is going on in the world, there will always be opportunities for you to lift and help others along the climb. We hope to help as many as we can with our products, especially during a time when people need their immune systems to be stronger than ever. We have the only all natural, serotonin modulator. Let’s help as many people as we can strengthen their immune systems!

3/23/20 Corporate Update Call


Adaptenols Video Released– We have released the Adaptenols video domestically. We will soon make this video available internationally. The Adaptenols video focuses on our key ingredient including how it works, the story of how it was discovered, and more!

New Resources Site– We have launched aregoresources.com domestically to provide materials to share as well as educational and informative information regarding our products, compensation plan, etc.

Compensation Video Series– We have also been working on a compensation plan video training series. We released the first of our compensation training videos this week. You can find it on the “Videos” tab on this site. We will release subsequent versions shortly and of course, we will work on having the video translated for our European distributors as well. 


Coming Together Party – HAPPENING TODAY! 

You are all invited! Austrian leaders, Michaela and Harald Himsl are having a party today and you are ALL invited! We will send out an email shortly with details regarding how to join the party. 



Over-the-phone German support will now be provided Monday – Friday from 6pm – 9pm CEST. Call +1 (844) 294-1060 to speak to our German support team! 



We are perfectly positioned for the changes that are occurring in our world. We’re in a situation where many businesses are shut down. Many of us are staying home. 

But guess what’s still happening? Amazon is still delivering. So is the Post Office. Your phone still works. You still have internet. You still have the ability to give a presentation over the phone. 

It is estimated that between 7 – 14 million people will lose their jobs, just in the United States alone. People who have great social skills are looking for things that they can do while in quarantine. We are in the perfect position to reach out to these people to show them that they can change people’s lives and earn a living through sharing our products.

Let’s help others climb! 



3/16/20 Corporate Update Call

CHANGING The Industry

We created this company to change the industry. We feel as though we’ve really been able to accomplish that. We have been able to change lives all around the world through our products.

With all that is going on, many are out of work. A Plan B is becoming almost essential now! We are grateful to offer a product that can change lives while producing secondary income.


The Power of Optimism

No matter how bad things get, we always have the opportunity to choose how we view things. In Victor Frankl’s book, he recounted his horrific experiences during the Holocaust and emphasized how important maintaining a positive attitude is.


The Story of THE MAN WHO STARTED Honda

A hardworking man came up with a design that changed the world many years ago. People scoffed at him and ridiculed his ideas almost daily. Despite this, he believed that what he had was revolutionary- and it was. He later founded Honda. He endured many struggles in building his company. His first factory burned down. His second factory was destroyed in an earthquake. Many would have given up if they were in his shoes. However, he kept pressing on and built one of the greatest companies in the auto industry that is still standing today.

The story of Adapt is quite similar. Dr. Don has dedicated several years of his lifetime to improving and perfecting Adapt’s formula. Initially, the product required taking 26 double ought capsules per day to attain optimal effects. Today, we simply spray a few sprays in our mouth to achieve even better effects. This product has the power to change the lives of millions during a time when the world has never needed health products that WORK more than ever.



New Slide Decks– Last week we launched a new official company slide deck and a new video domestically. We loved your feedback! We will have European versions done shortly. 

Cruise Temporarily Postponed– The cruise has been temporarily suspended. Don’t worry! We will announce a new solution shortly. 



New Resource Site– This week we are also launching our brand new resource site. We hope this site is a helpful tool to help you share the product. 

The Arego Connect App– We have updated the app so that you can now create groups with anyone! We believe team communication is critical, so make sure to get your new people on the app. This will allow them to receive your notifications and stay in the know with all that’s going on. 


3/9/20 Corporate Update Call

Cruise Postponed

We have decided to postpone the Bahamas Cruise until further notice. We are also looking into alternative options. We will let you know as soon as possible what the new plans are, so that you can plan accordingly. Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter!


Spring Forward! Promo

Spring is finally here! Starting today, for every Executive Kit that you purchase, you’ll also receive a FREE bottle of Adapt. Feel free to contact us with any questions about this promo: support@aregolife.com.


The Timing Has Never Been Better

With all that’s going on, the time for a home-based business has never been better. People are seeking secondary income from the comfort of their own homes. What better business to be in than the business of a selling an incredibly helpful product during a health pandemic? Studies have shown that serotonin is critical to maintaining a healthy immune system. Sharing Adapt in these troublesome times is a great way to earn secondary income while helping others.